Tuesday, 12 October 2010

7x7 | Evaluation

 Although the Evaluations late, I felt I couldn't say all I wanted to say in the last few hours of hand in, I wanted to cram in everything I wanted to say, and I wouldn't have remembered it all in that short space of time. I also love to evaluate stuff in detail so I'm doing it anyway...

 At the start of this year we had to pick out things which we thought have improved from the first year....i wrote 'time management'. The time management on this brief went straight out the window, I would say this is because of the blend of personality within the group (me n luke)
Luke is a really laid back person, not always in a bad way, because I stress a lot (in my head...i don't think i show it) and in this brief I calmed down when thinking about how much time we have, but sometimes I did stress out which lead to being blind to what Luke had to offer, which I'll take about.
So I've gotta think about when it is time to stress and when to relax more, I got it wrong in this brief to an extent.

I still made lists of stuff to do, other wise I would be lost, which did help out for each day we were in, knowing what was left to do etc..
Also, like I said, i didn't panic as much but still had it in the back of my mind, for example, when thinking of Ideas with luke on shots to do, Luke came up with some really nice ideas, but i felt it may eat up time, so i suggested simpler ways to do it, which sometimes he was happy with, some times wasn't happy with. The snow for example, Luke wanted each snow drop to be, lack of a better word, 'unique' meaning they all move differently. I thought this was way to much work (keeping in mind everything else we had to do) so I suggested layers of snow which we tweened in after effects, Luke was apprehensive and thought it looked too 'wooden', but liked it in the end....then when it came to animating the snow, Luke came in (after the weekend) with an animated snow which looked f****g awesome, which made it look less wooden but kept simple.

This snow situation made me realize that Luke produces really good imagery, he also did some cracking stairs, but because he's so relaxed, I started to stress and as a result I did stuff myself so that everything stays on target. Maybe if I was less of a stress head i would have held out for more of what Luke had to offer.

 The Illustrators....They were nice guys, again, laid back about the project, they weren't to fussed what we did, in terms of, for example, if we were to show them something they wouldn't have got any constructive criticism. Maybe are work was so good it didn't need changing in their eyes.......I highly doubt that, but looking around when working, seeing other gropes illustrators come in to see how things are going made me think are illustrators had forgotten about us. Their was Oriana which her illustrator doing the animation together! then there was jack showing what he had done and getting told things which he should consider changing.

I might be being too harsh on the illustrators, maybe we (Me n' Luke) could have got in touch with them more often, saying "come and see what we have done so far" but because, as I wrote above, we got the impression that they weren't that bothered, we thought its best just leave it.
They gave us the freedom thought which was good!

In terms of research and sketchbook work, I think I didn't do as mush....much (sketchbook) as I normally do, still did a fair bit. Research wise, didn't look that far into stuff as I think we could have done.
But, recording the collaboration, i think, was well recorded. Looking at each day in depth and speaking truthfully about what happened as I did it as it was fresh in my mind. 

 Overall I enjoyed the brief and we have ended up with something which we're prowd of (I'll speak for my self)
One thing which I'm personally prowd of, was the animation of the hands in two of the shots. I did a lot of work over the summer to improve my animation skills, and also did lots of drawings and focused in on hands, because I find them hard to draw (i have a sketchbook full of them!...weird)
But yer, its nice to see my skills working well in a real situations.

"Bye Bye Edward Foster"

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