Tuesday, 5 October 2010

7x7 | Friday 24th September 2010

Nutshell- ill most of the day.....all day.....so not much was done, talked to chris and changed some of the storyboard. went to buy some snow and did a test, but ending up doing it on the computer. Nothing off the illustrators. that is all.

(the more you click on the images and scans the runnier my nose will get)

This text is from the above scans...

Not alot was accomplished today (being ill didnt help). we had asked the illustrators to give us anything they do before the next time we meet up, which would be tuesday, hust so we could start doing stuff, but we got nothing.
So we carried on doing tests and drew out a neat storyboard of what we think is are final one ***it turns out it was***

Befor Luke got in, I had talked to chris about how things were going, so i showed her the animatic which we'd done. from this we came up with two changes...

1. we had kept going from sillouhett to detaled shot of the character, chris thought it might be a good idea to keep the character sillouhetted untill the fall, then show his face.
2. still keeping with the 'sillouhett to detailed character problem', a shot was thought up of having him coming up the stairs as a sillouhett then fading into a detailed illustration as he starts to fall.
it was a good idea, but I was thinking of time and how little we had, so i made a desission to leave it out. Luke arrived after this.

We'd gone and bought cotton wool for snow (it snows in are animation/story) we were going to green screen it then put it over the top of the animation in after effects.
the tests were awful, but extremely entertaining to do. Still, we had to find a way of making snow as the cotton wool didnt work (too heavy and blurred)

I was thinking of layers and having snow closer to thw screen falling fast, and also bigger, and snow in the bacground falling slowly and much smaller. So we tried somthing out in photoshop and wacked it inot after effects and tweened it to make snow!

I thought it looked good, Luke was a bit apprehensive and thought it looked a bit wooden. We have kept with it for now tough.

Next tuesday we will 'hopefully' have all the stuff we need off the illustrators and we will do somthing are selves, then start animating!


 This is are neat storyboard with the changes which I talked about with Chris...

This is a flash animatic with the new shot in...

This is the cotton wool...

After the cotton wool didn't work (we lost the footage of the test, which is a shame) we did this test on the computer, it looks really good, but obviously were have given in to the computer :(

These (below) are later snow animations, ones we used for the final animation, which luke did...

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