Tuesday, 5 October 2010

7x7 | Tuesday 28th September 2010

Nutshell - Made a test of the character falling, didnt like it so worked harder. Luke made a list of sounds and recorded some cereal for snow.

(click to make it larger....the scans and pictures)

This text is from the above scans...

Started off the day by showing Luke a test I'd done at the weekend, of the shot where Edward Foster is falling down the stair case.
I knew I didnt like it because the arms were not animated well at all, but i wanted his oppinion on how mant frames it should be (I had done three) Luke thought it needed to be smoother and also animated again, i totally agreed, so thats what i did for most of the day.

Luke put a list of sounds we may need for the animation together and tried to start recording them. He had the idea of the foot in snow being the sound of crunching cereal (Kellogg's crunchy nut) but it sounded too glassy. I suggested crushing the 'crunchy nut' to a fine consistency then trying that. That sounded better.

We were hoping for (off the illustrators) backgrounds and stuff, we got e-mailed some patterns off one of them (nuttall) and one came in and gave us a photoshop file of a watch we needed (which would, at some point be animated ticking round) so that was helpful, but we were hoping for stairs and backgrounds skylines as well, which we didn't get. Luke put aside the sound making and started on making the backgrounds/skylines.

I'd done a much smoother and better animated fall sequence which we were happy with, and once we had the patterns off the illustrators i started colouring the character with those patterns.
Lastly we thought the amount of patterns weren't enough (we got two) so we went to the wallpaper shop and got some patterns from there, which we then scanned in. from that we got some better patterns and an idea for the blood stain at the end of the sequence ***It was Lukes idea to get more patterns which wored out very well for us***

Next Friday, get animation shots on the go and get the final set peaces done. And just carry on like that till the end. also thinking of sounds as well!


This is the crap fall test, it wasn't thought out well enough...

This one is much better, and I'm pretty proud of it.....all my work over the summer, practising animation and its principles is paying off...

 Here's some Kellogg's crunchy nut

This is what we got off the illustrators....we were hoping to get stairs and backgrounds remember...

These were made by Luke which we really wanted (the top isnt meant to be gray, it is transparent at the moment)...

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