Wednesday, 29 September 2010

7x7 | Tuesday 14th September 2010

Nutshell - Met the illustrators (Dan Hodgkinson & Stephen Nuttall) for the first time,

(do some clicking to make the pictures n' scans bigger!)

This text is from the above scan (my writing is atrocious) it gets straight to it...

Guys had done seprate illustrations, one had got the breif alot later that the other (due to him only joining the coarce this year) so they hadn't collabrated.
Me n' Luke looked at two seprate styles (which were in no way the same) both had taken totally different appraoches
We liked aspects of one, and loved other bit of the other (we didnt want to upset any on!) So, we came to the conclusion, which everyone was happy with, of having the illustrators go and work on a style which we can work with which uses bits of each of their work.
We decided on the illustrators working on a 'merged' style because of the vision of the MI we had created in are heads from discussion between all four of us.

For Tuesday next week (21st) the illustrators will have come up with a character based on both styles/ to fit the mood and time of the peace. ***sorry, I'm going to butt in here and explain that the bit saying 'mood and time' is reffering to the convosating we had that day which i forgot to write about... they were telling us about the period it was set in, Edwardian/Victorian like, and that it was a dark story (Tim Burton like)***
Me and Luke will have a rough storyboard and animatics ready to show them.


This is what they showed us on the day...

This first set of illustrations are Stephen Nuttall's. I like the character, but me and Luke both agreed we didn't like the boot.

These two are Dan Hodgkinson's which have a nice style which were thinking of using. But we need to incorporate both styles, so lets hope that come up with something nice.

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