Sunday, 25 July 2010

Marge Hair

I saw for the first time ever, the new Simpson's introduction, what they've done is touched up and brought the intro into the 21st century and made fit in with the newer episodes. Obviously most programs (like The Simpson's) are now done on computer apposed to hand drawn, but back in 1990, when people saw clouds part to reveal golden letters spelling out the name of the now famous program for the first time, all the animation would have been hand drawn. 

The analogy below sort of sums up the new introduction.

I always liked this bit in the introduction when Maggie gets scanned by the cashier at the supermarket because of Marge's hair...

...the follow through is well timed and really smooth, its very exaggerated but looks right. So it uses the animation principles and as a result we get a very good seconds worth of animation.

Now lets see the new one, sorry about the poor quality...

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