Friday, 30 July 2010

The 'Moving Image' Industry | North West | The Neighbourhood

Found these people from google search, there based in manchester and from their website, they look like a really good company.

They have a very fancy website, but whats the point of having a good web site if their work is crap. Luckily The Neighbourhood's work is also really really good, fresh and exciting!

They have loads of information about themselves on the website; what they believe in, like... big ideas, animation, architecture, good design. But they don't take themselves too seriously, they also believe in Random encounters and smiling... still relevant and adds humor!

Some of the stuff they do include...Product Visualization, motion graphics, 3D animation, directing film shoots, t.v stings, idents abd illustration.
They do a wide variety of things and being open to lots of different disciplines means their client list is pretty hefty.

Here are some of their clients...

Advertising & Design - TBWA, Publieis and Elmwood

Broadcast - BBC, CBBC, Five and The Mob

Architecture & Properties - Derwent London and Urban Splash

Brands - Nike, Sony Europe, ghd, Toyota and Visa

To see any of their videos like their show reel etc, you have to go to their website and navigate round it. I can't embed them here or send a link to them, just have to go to the website and find it...

They were commissioned by channel five to do an ident for 2010 Valentine's day which was only shown for that one day.

They also were asked by Manchester City Football Club to do a promotional video...on their website they have two videos (short clips) of a birds eye view of Manchester, which are really dull (because of are magnificent weather here) and it showed how they made it go from dull hazy view of Manchester, to a bright sunny one. The also added a bit of blue to the pictures because of the Football Club they were promoting.

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