Saturday, 17 July 2010

The 'Moving Image' Industry | North West | MI

Came across these people when searching on Cartoon Brew to see if they have picked up on any talent in Manchester, and they had an article on this studio called MI. 

They make 'outstanding imagery, animation and visual effects' and looking at their work, its pretty good stuff. Especially like there stuff which isn't really done for a client, like, they did this beach ball bouncing off their building (it was on the contact page so people knew what the building looked like) 

They also did, during the recession, a short animation of an unemployed robot who was meant to be part of a production, but because of the recession it got canceled and now he roams the streets of Manchester looking for work...

There stuff they've done for clients like, 'The BBC, Distiller Records, Land Securities, Marketing Manchester' are good, but its these things i talked above are the ones which interest me the most.

Here's their show reel...

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