Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The 'Moving Image' Industry | North West | Firestep

Firestep was set up by two people; Steve Maher and Jon Doyle, they have both worked in the television industry for many years and also have both worked at Cosgrove Hall. Doyle worked on Danger Mouse and Count Duckular when at Cosgrove Hall and also directed and produced a kids t.v show called Foxbusters, which won a Bafta.
Both Doyle and Maher were big Doctor Who fans and set up Firestep in Manchester to make the animated spin off series from the revamped doctor who.
After the company was set up, Imposable Pictures (a company in  London) made a deal with Firestep and now Firestep is a company of Imposable Pictures. Link

I read about them and firestep about two years ago in the M.E.N after there first T.V program came out called 'The Infinite Quest' which was the spin off of Doctor Who.

What interests me about the company is the two people who founded it,  both came from good backgrounds in animation. They both worked at Cosgrove Hall as Director, Art Director and Producer at some points during their time there, then teamed up together to start a company because of a common interest.

The Firestep website doesn't specify any clients but the BBC has to be one of them

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