Saturday, 17 April 2010

Cemetery Junction - Thunder Road

I went to go see this film yesterday, i don't know why i went to see it, i don't remember much about it, (the nelson probably didn't help) but i still want to talk about it.

I only remember three things about it (two of them were funny bits!) the other was the ending and i only remembered the ending this morning when i was thinking of something.
The other day on 'The One Show', yes, i watched the one show :\, Stephan Merchant was talking about this new film (which he wrote and directed with that comedian) which is Cemetery Junction.

Just found the clip of him talking about it (this is going somewhere by the way bare with me)
Watching from 4 minuets 30 seconds..

I watched this before i saw the film then today i thought that, yes, its very bruce springsteen inspired. He talked about the ending of a song of Bruce's called 'thunder road' and the ending to Cemetery Junction is a sort of nod to the boss, saying thanks for the inspiration.
Its also nice that its set in 1970's which is when the album 'Born to run' came out (which had the song 'thunder road' on) and although they never actually had any of his songs in it or even reference to him (of what i can remember) , you can still see the connection. Also one of the characters was called Bruce (didnt realize till i looked on IMDB!)

The album 'Born to Run' is a good album to listen to and if you see the film then listen to it you will understand the connections...i hope.

Going back to Ideas Generation, here's two directors and writers (and actors) who have taken inspiration from just a song (and other stuff), which makes me think, Just looking at other films to get inspired isn't the best, and songs are a fantastic place to look at (well listen to).

Also i dont even remember Ricky Gervais beeing in it, so i have no idea why he's on the poster.

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