Tuesday, 13 April 2010

France Part 3 | Now-a-days

Right, getting board of the looking at the past, its interesting, but i want a change.

This website Cartoonbrew is really good for animation, its run by two people who are animation historians and they just update it whenever they find some really good animation and bad bad ones, they cover everything from short animations to reviews on films coming out to student work that's getting good publicity and animation from all the different corners of the world.

They recently plonked up this short animation (below) made in France by David Alapont and Luis Briceno, just looked up both of these people and it seems that this animation is the first thing they've done (says imdb... Link DA / Link LB) Luis Briceno has seem to have done other stuff which I'll look at after. This is the animation...(its like 12 minuets long, but really good)

Sorry forgot to say what its called!, its called

Watch on the website to get full screen ;) Website

I love it. The idea is really good, it looks unique, well animated and you don't even have to know french to understand whats happening (to an extent)

Looks a lot like Renaissance because of its futuristic(ness) and its style, the fact that they've chosen to use a simple colour pallet of creamy brown etc (Renaissance used black and white) just makes it look like its taken inspiration from Renaissance, i wouldn't say its tryed to copy it in anyway.

There is no real explanation behind the idea, maybe the creators just want you to interpret it your own way, or maybe if you know french then it makes more sense at the end. For me its saying that this object (the touch) is shining light on the truth behind whats going on (literally), but it ends up that robots cover up the truth when it concludes (literally).

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