Tuesday, 27 April 2010

France Part 7 | Benjamin Gibeaux

Benjamin Gibeaux is a freelance animator who's interests spread from animation to music and also poetry. His website on Imagique.net says a bit about him and what his family is like, and also lets you watch some of his short animations. This one below is one you can watch in his website, but i wanted to put it on here as well so i found a website where i could embed it. I havnt watched it yet because my internets being very slow, but hers what either Jerry Beck or Amid Amidi posted about it....

...."It’s a sweet and charming story on the surface, but the light tone masks some surprisingly deep political undertones. I personally read it as an allegorical tale of what happens when one country invades another for its own selfish reasons, but does so under the pretenses of helping that other country’s people. However you choose to read it though, there’s no mistaking that the artwork is superb"

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