Tuesday, 27 April 2010

So Far

I knew nothing really about french animation, all i really knew was that Renaissance was a French film.
From my research so far i've noticed France was a main instigator, animation started over there in the late 1800's which shocked me, who ever was the first real animator from France, i will never know, but it seems that everyone knows Emile Cohl and Emile Reynaud is left in the dark.

Everyone recognizes Emile Cohl, Museums do retrospects on him to show where animation came from, so France was and still is a big part of animation.
As well as being one of the first places to explore animation, they also had one of the first film companies which Cohl worked for (Gaumont Film) and its still running today, weather or not there as big as they used to be though.

Some great animators like Paul Grimault with his (hate to say this), disney style, and fantastic animation skills came from France, his animations might be french but especially in the top animation on my post on him there's no talking making it universal, and still has a strong story.

Animation festivals, Annecy international Animation Festival was founded in France in the 1950's and is a well known festival which people go to from all around the world.

Up to date stuff, like films, I've come across one which was very popular which was made in 2007 called 'Persepolis' about a young girl growing up in a different culture because her own country is unsafe. Its made in France but is about Iran and deals with issues they faces in the 1970's. Something with the same style which came out of France is 'Renaissance', which is totally different to Persepolis but there style is very similar. 'Fard' which is a short film made in France follows the same issues Renaissance dealt with, futuristic world which has a dark undertone to it and both have restricted pallets.

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