Sunday, 18 April 2010


Because I can now vote (which i won't be doing) I get loads of shi.......unwanted letter and leaflets posted through my house addressed to me.

But I did get this one a few days ago which i liked.....

This is the front page of the 2 paged leaflet (above), the only thing i liked about it was the logo, well, title. I don't like the name 'popvox' (dno what it means) just the thing behind it, It's the houses of parliament and because its next to the river thames its got the reflection. That image with the slogan 'voice of the people' is pretty clever because now the HP with its reflections looks like a sound wave, Kind of clever and well thought out, i thought.

This is the inside of the thing, i just liked the picture, its got everything in there; people being mugged, people with knifes, bikes crashing into cars, drunk people :), poor people on the street and so on and so on.
Reminds me of a wheres wally or wheres bin laden book, it gets you looking and interacting with what could have been a boring leaflet.

Clever, but I'm still not voting.

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