Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Ident | 3 | Inspration and Thoughts for Idea 1

All these wildlife documentaries rely alot on these fantastic shots of a landscape which will leave us in awe, programs like 'planet earth' shown on BBC 1 (repeated on eden) show us some really nice shots.

The shots art really artistic and that's become something which each show has to do better than the last or else no one will watch them...lets face it, the stuff these programs show would be boring if it wasn't for these fantastic shots, the only other fascinating bits are the facts we learn from them...but you'd buy a book if that's the case.

These are screen grabs from the eden website on the 'programs' page. these are for different programs shown on eden, just looking at these, you know, you have either spectacular shots or very arty ones...

 liking the reflection.

 this on (above) i really like

So for one of my ideas i wanted to look into colour and epicness. Getting across this feeling of awe and fascination  when you watch these documentaries into the eden ident.


I particularly like the idea of it looking rough...not undone, but using paints or the effect of paint it a nice 'made' style.

but, im afraid of it looking too childish...its not a bad thing to look childish (as it could be shown at nine in the morning) but i want something that anyone can watch and feel fine with.

Here's what I'm inspired by...

 Lou Romano (his blog) is someone who really inspires me...this gouache painting are just so good, he been credited on a few of pixars films (incredables, up etc) for art direction and he dose the colour scripts for the pixar films...well the ones i mentions and some others.

Here's his work from up...

Came across these which i really like...he uses colour really well to distinguish each season. I want to look at colour for my ident.

I like the paint marks made in his work and also the colour/ use of lighting. I want to find a way to convert these sort of static images...well...i say static, there's movement in them...but i mean i wanna move them!


So just to reiterate, I want to take the epicness and artisticness of these shots created in documentaries and bring it to the identity of the eden channel...but using this style of painting (weather that be really painting or digital)

Compositionally I was thinking '2001: A Space Odyssey'...really like this film, and was struck by some of the really ambitious shots and compositions with in the film.

I like the centralness of some of the shots and want to incorporate that into my ident...

Going to research places which I ant to base my ident on (cant just draw something off the top of my head...if Im going to draw a tree, a want to draw a certain type of tree, if you get me)
Also going to do some thumb nails of what i've researched which will eventually expand into animatics.

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