Thursday, 3 March 2011

Ident | 5 | Style in Motion

I told you about Lou Romano, well, I wanted to find a style like that but in moving image. Here's two I found...

The colours and textures are nice in this one...

Watch from 2 minuets in...a nice 3D effect happening which i'd like to try.

Here are two videos from Lou Romano which he did for 'Up'


After speaking to rick about my idea on March 4th it seemed like my vision would look dull once the piece settles (as a voice over says whats coming on next), so he was saying about animating the background/ the textures so they change and flicker.

I always liked this animation since I saw it, like, six or seven months ago. Unfortunately all I'm using it for is to reference how the texture in the background of the animation is always changing and thats all.

It might be on a loop of about three or four textures...

Jon And Roy - Get Myself A Gun from BLATANT on Vimeo.

Here's another example of an animation with textures in it, some/ most are static, and the looped ones are very subtle.

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