Friday, 11 March 2011

Ident | 8 | Working Hard or Hardly Working

From my pitch to Dave Baguley and Ashleigh Butterworth today (11th March) I realized I needed to get my hand done effect, which I want happening in the background, set in stone, Dave had a hard time understanding it....and to be honest it made me realize I still didnt know what I wanted it to look like.

In the afternoon I gave up for the day. Until Sarah Brewster said something which made me realize I was wasting time, but didn't know what to do, so i looked around for something to pass the time.

Etching and Printmaking Handbook was the first thing I saw.

I remember getting this in the first year...and also in college (ND Graphics) and it made me think back to my work created within the sessions. I went home and dug up my printmaking from my old graphics was the style I've been looking for.

This one (above) is a little bit harsh, but still could work

Little bit too....i don't know the word, but, you know, there's no fade out.

So instead of buying a roller and some paint (like I was going to do, to get the style I wanted) I think I might try out some printmaking.


So Im not wasting time during the weekend, i thought that i'd use these prints from 3 years ago to see if the style would look good...

This is one I made from using paint marks about a week ago, we think it looks too static...

I think the colours are nice, but its lacking something.

This one (above) has a bit more to it, and if i was to do more of them and put them into after effects and make them move, the style might work well.

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