Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Amid Amidi And An Anti-Smoking Animation (now that's hard to say!)

Been doing research most days since we were given the essay brief for Critical Perspectives and have come across a web site which i now seem to be going to everyday. Its called Cartoon Brew and its run by two people one of witch I've heard of before called Amid Amidi who has a few books out which I've either read or bought, one of his books 'Cartoon Modern' is one of my favorite books ever because its all about 1950's and 60's animation which I love. He's not an animator though, i don't think, he just finds it interesting.

This website he's on is constantly updated and because I'd never heard of it before, I've been looking back at old posts, so i might never catch up!
I found this Video (below) which i liked, its an anti-smoking advert/ short animation by 'national film board of Canada' for 'The department of national health and Welfare'.

Kaj Pindal: King Size from Amir Avni on Vimeo.

There's some bits in it which i like, like when the dog coughs then kisses the boy, then the boy throws the cigarette into the sea and the dog follows, that bit is really nice. Also just the whole idea of its good.

Amid Amidi seems to be a well respected name in the animation industry and I'm gonna try and get some quotes of him talking about John Lasseter (if i can find any) for the CP Essay.

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