Saturday, 6 March 2010

"Treaments, Take 3"

I spoke to my dads friend yesterday when he came round, hes an author and has three books out at the moment. His latest book is aimed at 13-14 year olds and his last two were 8-9 (I think)

It suddenly clicked that he would have to somehow sell his idea/story to a book publisher, so i asked him weather he has to write a treatment! (he said yes)

So i asked him what is a treatment (me still confused on what they are) and he answered, "every publisher wants somthing different, some what a in depth analysis of the characters that will feature the book, whilst others don't what too much said about them" he goes on to say "you can sit at the internet for hours (which i tried to do) but will never get a certain answer to want people what from a treatment"

Remember that this is for books though, so it could be different for a moving image.

He also said "i hate writing treatments", looks like I'm not alone!

His books:
The Courageous Cats' Club
The Courageous Cats Compete
The Angels of Mona Terrace

Here's his website->>>>>>>Click>>>>>>>Steve Wood Books

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