Tuesday, 16 March 2010


My idea was always very vague, even by the late stages of the brief. I knew that I wanted to use the television studio for this idea of showing a t.v studio in a new way, but the Idea was lacking in a good ending, in face it was lacking in any ending at all.
I knew in my head how I wanted this short film to look, but I couldn’t communicate the idea what so ever to the tutors and the treatments I wrote didn’t do any better either. Because of my bad communication of ideas the teachers tried to get something out of me and help to resolve the film and make it interesting to the viewer.
Having ideas from the tutors was helpful because it got me thinking more, but they came to me on different days giving me ideas to make the short film work and what I did was take both there opinions and ideas and tried mould the film round what they had told me, which I knew wasn’t what they wanted me to do with there advice but because I didn’t actual know what my idea was I just took what ever I could get.

I was pleased with my storyboards I made, even though my idea was still very sketchy. From the storyboards you can sort of see what I wanted to achieve in the short film and I kept on referring back to it when doing my editing on my first edit.
Once I’d talked about the edit I’d done, the comments I got were that it was the same all the way through it, so I tried an edit where the rhythm of the was messed with to make the fast cuts and slow sections were more exaggerated, but came to the conclusion after talking with the tutors that sound might be the key the this film working.

My final film isn’t totally different to how it was on the first edit and isn’t far off my initial idea, because I always wanted sound to be a prominent part of the short film and have extreme close ups of the equipment in the studio.
So there are elements of what I wanted the film to look like even if it had changed over time but the changes have made the film much more interesting.

All the way thought this brief my issue has been my idea and it had been the problem all the way thought to the end and has made everything much more difficult from making treatments to talking to the tutors. But over all I am happy with how it’s progressed over time however radically that may have been and I think the final out come is both audially and visually interesting.

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