Monday, 29 March 2010

An Animation

A guy posted this on facebook today, i watched it and thought I'd talk about it (anything to get away from research for the essay!)

I liked it in terms of animation, i uses the principals of animation, the run at the start is really nice because its not a cycle, the girl's running in all sorts of directions, pressing up against the wall and leaping of the curb. Also the camera movement at the start is nice and smooth.

The only thing i hate about it is the music, just don't think is suits the animation at all. I looks like it is a sort of horror/ scary animation short (by the image on their website CLICK). Even if they want to give the impression that its going to be a nice jolly short at the start, it shouldn't have the same music at the end as well, I personally think it changes the whole atmosphere. Its as if they've built up this whole ambiance then just said "its only an animation!, cut to the jolly music"

Foley is very good though, when were looking through the dolls point of veiw, the noise of the eyes moving is very effective.

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