Friday, 12 March 2010


Nic told me that my video reminds her of this advert (above) which I'm fine with, it has a beat that builds up over time, introducing new things every now and then which is what i was/ still am doing. My short film is 2 minuets though, so i have to have a lot more thing to introduce to stop people getting board of watching the same thing.

This video (above) made by a guy on you tube (he's suppost to be quite famous on you tube?!?) any way, this guy is using things around the house to make a beat for a song, its very good sound wise (bit of a cheesy song though). He has some clever ways of having a musical pause (iron steam and stapler)

But I'm not a fan of cutting up the screen to see every sound he's made, i don't know where to look and especially with my film, if i was to over lap sounds,(all my sounds are very very short) meaning things will be popping up then going away whilst other things might carry on, it would get too complex and no one would know where to look.
Saying that though this guy has overlapped sounds (i'm not musical, so i don't want to try and start overlapping!) so I suppose cutting the screen up helps in a way.

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