Monday, 11 January 2010

***Codeing Reasons, for assessment***

*****this is on an e-mail as well (from my mum's e-mail address), as i couldn't e-mail you from my e-mail address, tried on the 27th of December and again when you e-mailed us today******

The reason why i chose to make a cereal box decorated in my findings was because i grew up on the television adverts that advertised cereal and it seemed the right thing to do from my point of view.

I then researched the characters who advertised these adverts (and others) and how/when they were created, which took me back to 1920's, but they weren't at there peak till around the 50's and i love the styles of characters in the 50's and 60's animation, and the advertising characters were just the same. I also like the colors and typefaces they use which gave me the idea of doing this cereal box in a 1950's style.

I added quotas from a book i have called 'Meet Mr Product' which has lots of the characters in America that advertised products in the 50's, 60's ect. the quotes i used were meant to show how these characters brain wash kids into wanting there products.

Lastly i added my photos from New York and some screen shots of the adverts from television (from you tube) to the bag the cereal normally comes in to make it more like a cereal box.

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