Monday, 25 January 2010

Rear Window

Started getting very board of the hitchcock dvds, i've watched too many of them for now and want to have a change, but the last one i watched last night was a real good one.

Rear Window kept me amused for just short of 2hours evern thought its shot from one room in an apartment. The story & the convocations they had just made me want to watch more, whilst some of his other films like 'Marnie', I had to watch in 2 half's as i got too board.
Whats nice is that you see nothing more than the main character sees in his room (he's stuck in his room because he broke his leg), he becomes obsessed with watching what the neighbors are doing in the other apartment blocks.
At first you only see f
rom far away so you can't really make out what people are doing in there rooms, but once he gets in to the stalking, he gets his binoculars out and you start to see whats happening in much more detail.
I felt really cramped whilst watching it because you never leave this guys apartment, its a lot like the film 'Phone Booth' in that respect, which brings the viewer into the movie and you stay in the movie the whole way through.
The only bit of relief you get from the apartment is seeing through his this (below)

That poster at the top of the post is an alright poster, but this one below is awesome.

I find this poster (above) so much more interesting, it answers no questions and is visually easy on the eye. The film was made in 1954 and it fits in lovely with the animation style that was going through changes in the 50's from realistic look to a very abstract look. Its very neat and is structured nicely but is broken up by the wonky blind which gives the poster balance. Plus having the dodgy blind suggests something is weird will happen in the film, if it was straight that you would thing nothing shocking would happen in the story, but the slant makes you think other wise.

Lastly, i found this poster which was made recently, some person made it for some random reason (something about a party he was having?!?!?!) but anyway, i like it a lot.

Like the 50's abstract look this is very similar, things like; only showing one eye, big noses, using straight lines instead of curves and the gouache painted background look. Even the type face reminds me of the 50's.

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