Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Stolen from Jack Maguire

Watched this video after seeing it on Jack's wall and wanted to pick up on a few things....

1. Reminds me of the 'Dr. Caligari' film, with its slanty buildings and staircases which is Tim Burtons style, so he's obviously got influence from German expressionism.

2. Having Vincent Price narrating the short
makes the animation and style so much more better, his voice is so soft yet very sinister at the same time which goes well with this character who is a nice friendly boy but wants to be evil at the same time.

3. Me being a big fan of Brad Bird (director of iron giant, The Increables) i've watched a cartoon called 'Family Dog' which was part of the 'Amazing Stories' program which was set up be Steven Spielberg, then became a spin off show. Brad Bird was the director of the family dog cartoon and Tim Burton was the exclusive producer, what i found from watching 'Vincent' was that two of the characters (sister and dog) in Vincent share similarity to two characters in 'Family Dog'.

The dog share the same long pointy nose and the eyes and size are quite similar

The sister has round shoulders in both and has the same round face, also the bottom half is a more triangle shape in both.

Can't help but think that he had somthing to do with the character design as well!

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