Sunday, 24 January 2010


This is a CD cover for the band 'Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young', there are a few things i like about it;

1. I love how it flows, there is no ending to the drawing, which is kind of nice as its title is 'So Far'. Also, the way it flow and is very free has its resemblances to the peace and love of the 60's.

2. The drawings of their faces are so simple, one of them (far left) is just a out line, but resembles 'Crosby' very well. Its a lot like the profile of Hitchcock which i think he did him self, its a very good drawing / sketch and points out the features that make it hitchcock. like the fat cheeks and the way his mouth hangs out (i'm gonna milk Hitchcock facts as much as i can, whilst I'm still watching the box set!).

I find it fascinating how people are able to so a persons profile from just a few lines. Looking at the far right of the top picture again, 'Young', the facial expressions are just perfect especially on the mouth. The eyes are blacked out which is how he looks.

Picking out features of people and exaggerating them to an extreme helps people recognize who it is, its used all the time in newspaper cartoons.

Pointing out his big ears and big mouth we know its Tony Blair (or Prince Charles!), during World War 2 Disney did Properganda cartoons for the US against The Nazi Rayshem, this picture below is from one of their cartoons where Donald Duck is in Nazi Germany and he is brain washed with Nazi things.

The house is Hitlers face, the reason why we recognize it is because of his slick forward black hair at the front (shown as a shadow on the house) and also the mustache, which is shown by the window and the blind not gong all the way down.

...What was i talking about?

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