Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Tar Boy

!!!!!!TARBOY WATCH!!!!!!
(watch before reading)

This is one of the best flash animations I've seen in ages on Newgrounds, its done be semi-professionals people but still got a lot of praise (anyone can upload to newgrounds, but people don't like companies uploading as they take the lime light off students work)

There is some really good animation in the short, the robots mining the caves is a good example, they really show that these robots are holding a huge weight in the way the body moves. giving more frames to the lifting of the weight and less to the hitting action.

They also used some special effects (after effects?????) which works well (music goes well with it, in that particular scene & the twist of the neck is very nice!) also reminds my of the Film Noir style during that scene.

Special Effects, lasers n' sparks

Film Noir Like..

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