Thursday, 14 January 2010

Marlon Brando, Pocahontas and Me

Went to go and see Avatar yesterday, thought it took a while to kick in, but once it did it was pretty amazing.
Special effects were really good, someone or where told me it was like, 60% CG and 40% live action (could be very wrong). But putting aside the action and the effects, there's a good story....

....whilst watching it i noticed that the story and what happens in the film relates to the Native American Indians and there experiences with the US government, i won't say more as it might give away what happens in the film plus i don't know a lot about the history behind American Indians.

The only reason why i noticed this is because of a song by Neil Young called 'Pocahontas' which is all about American Indians, Young is related to American Indians in some way and sings about them in quite a few of his songs. Also Marlon Brando did a lot of work to help them get there right in the US. I looked but couldn't find any connection between American Indians and James Cameron thought.

So yer, avatar wasn't just a 3D spectacular, but had a strong message even if it was subtle.

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