Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Old Boy - Colour

I watched the 2003 film 'Old Boy' a few night ago, its a Korean film about a man who is kidnapped and imprisoned for 15 years, then let out to find out why he was kidnapped in the first place. Very Good film and is now making me want to watch more world cinema films as i never watch them.

While watching any film now, i can't help but pick up on the things we've been taught, like colour, viewpoint etc. in the films. Old Boy had a nice colour pallet which was use through out the film.

This is were the main character is held captive, whats nice is the colour is divided into the rooms, a nice warm colour for the main room and a cold blue/green for the toilet. Blue, Green and Red are the main colours used in the film.

Wall paper is keeping with the style of the film, subtle, but necessary.

The lighting is emphasizing the colour in this composition, plus it has virtually the same colours as the first image on this post.

Purple is used later on during the film, i think it represents memories, as the things that are helping him to remember why he was captured seem to be purple. Like in this image, the photo albums are all Purple.

This is a flash back, the main character starts to remembers something from the past, i noticed that its lit in purple.

Lastly, this box holds the twist to the the film, it's also a Purple box, as it will make him remember something.

During the credits, it pans across mountains, whats clever is the sky has the colours of the film, Blue, Red and Green.

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