Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Saw this advert in Edinburgh at new year in a pub, and being in a pub, its hard to hear stuff as sooo many people are speaking and sometimes there is no sound on the tv either.

Watching one of the documentaries on Hitchcock, someone said about Hitchcock making the editors or anyone in production watch scenes, from the film they were working on, with no sound. The reason for this is to see if you follow whats happening and if people start getting confused then he knows that something isn't working, and would cut unnecessary bits that might drift away from the story.

So, going back to the the advert, i watched it with no sound and what was nice was that i was interested in it because it was an animation (not knowing it was for I could see that it was some sort of love story as the emphasis was on the blond hair girl and the ginger bloke, i could also see it was over a period of time because the weather kept changing, so there was no confusion there.
I think its quite a strong advert and would not of expected it from a dating sight!

Now i don't like to watch it with the sound on :(

(also, took me till now to find the videos on youtube)

This is another one........ love the style on both of them and keeps to a nice colour pallet all the way through.
I like this one better as its a bit more clearer who's involved, the tension between them is lovely and some of the things they to to avoid eye contact is genius, someone must be very observant to notice these things in everyday life and its been portrayed very well by the animators.

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