Friday, 29 January 2010

Scary Bus Monster Face!

This is a Bannister holder upper, but it looks more like a scary, one eyed, big headed devil man. I see this everyday i come to uni on the bus and it always freaks me out!

What makes it scary is the glaring eye which is looking straight at you, also the darkness around it gives it an evilness! Also, the mouth is almost smiling as if it knows something about you that it shouldn't!

As well as it being scary it also reminds me of the mask from the game'crash bandicoot' (his name is 'Aku Aku'). So really it looks like a Witch Doctor which adds to the scariness!

You can get ideas from just looking at things around you, from that image you can create a character with a personality which i think is awesome! I see things all the time (theres a character in lecture theater B!, he's the speaker on the wall, looks like a serious guard with one of those hats on from Buckingham Palace! look next time you are in there)

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