Monday, 8 February 2010

1953 Animation from the Walt Disney Company

I think this animation is so good, it really shows off the style which was developing during he 50's, its called 'Toot, Whistle Plunk & Boom', it was Directed by Ward Kimball who worked for the Disney Company.
Ward Kimball didn't like working with complicated human design in animation, not because he couldn't, but because he thought abstract structure looked visually more interesting. He designed and animated characters like 'The Crows' from Dumbo, 'Tweedledee & Tweedledum' from Alice in Wonder Land (also mad hatter and Cheshire Cat)

This cartoon is thought of as being the end of Disneys Traditional approach to its films and Television shows, thanks to the vision of Ward Kimbell. This animation 'Toot, Whistle Plunk & Boom' is from the disney television series made in 1953.

Open it in you tube, its too small on this blog.

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