Tuesday, 16 February 2010

More Rear Window Fo' shizzle

I've talked about this film before, but i want to bring it back up again, its an Alfred Hitchcock film which follows a man, well not really follows, because he's house Bound because he's broken his leg! So the man becomes obsessed with watching the neighbors and, yer, the story unfolds.

When watching the documentary they talk about Hitchcock......way of working?... don't know is that's the right words, but anyway, on the documentary they show these clips from the film which are all the same technique, technique was the word i was looking for!.....

.....the technique shows good editing, which is what we were looking at today. If he hadn't have shown James Stewarts face to begin with, i don't think it would have been as effective because we wouldn't have know how his face had changed after seeing what he had just seen.

Also in the 'cutting edge' documentary we watched it mentioned 'vertigo' which is one of Hitchcock films. it seems as if he keeps to a strict method of editing is some of his films, like this one (Rear Window) and vertigo, maybe more as well, but i haven't see all of his films.

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