Sunday, 28 February 2010

Mr. Shortfuse - At The Post Office

I found this video after reading a book on animation companies i saw in the library. I looked up some of the companies which i found interesting (from looking at the pictures!) and watched this video on one of the websites. Its done by a director from a company called 'Tandem' (the guy who did it is called Daniel Greaves. Simone's Cat came out of one of the people who worked for this company as well.

I think its a really cool animation, its simple and very short but very creative, the change from normal person to crazy man is sooo smooth and the second time he changes is really good, the curves going back and forth whilst saying "CHANGE WHERE'S MY CHANGE!!!" is brilliant.

Its weird, its only 13 seconds long (animation, with credits its more) but its still dose what it says.

Also shaking the camera works well to emphasis the anger!

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