Sunday, 7 February 2010

Old Boy - Veiw Point

I watched this film a while ago, i posted something about the colour in it and was going to post veiw point the next day. That never happened!

So, i took a few screen grabs of the film which i thought were to do with view point.....

The film starts with a point of view of a police officer (above) watching the main character, i think this was a good way to start the film as you get an idea of what the main character, that you will be watching for the next 2 hours, is like. You start to judge him straight away, then as the film progresses your view might change.

This next set of images might not make that much sense, i dose to me but I've seen the film.
So, the above images show key bits within a camera movement, the camera slowly movers round the main characters friend in the phone box.
Whats nice about this bit is that your eyes are fixed on the guy in the phone booth and don't pay any attention to the main character in the background (who is only seen in the first of the four screen shots shown above).
Because the camera move was quite clever and snatches the main character away from you so sneakily, you are lead to believe that the people who kidnapped him are quick and sneaky......i think!

(above) After the main character has been kidnapped you go to a shot of the floor and a small door on the floor where food is passed to him. Someone comes to give him food and all you see is his legs. This camera angle is showing off who is the authority figure, and not being about to see this persons face is putting you in the same position as the main character.

I have more....

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