Thursday, 4 February 2010

Generating ideas = good, treatments = bad

I find it fascinating that i managed to get any stories at all out of the combination's I had for the Ideas Generation exercise.
I managed to get from;

an Aroused old man,
curious millipede
in a chocolate factory
glued the the floor

to a story of a old man telling his grandson about his past after the grandson asked him.
I would have never thought of that if it wasn't for the process of chance.


Suicidal Robot
Pathetic fuse
Between the toes
Ear cut off

A man working at a cheese factory has his ear cut of by faulty (pathetic) machinery.

Normally i would go for more happy/colourful stories but this process pushed me to do something different.

The pitch was awful but the actual sentences i had were (i thought) good, i just didn't present them well enough and got confused.
My treatments were very weak and didn't look like treatments at all. Still don't know what a treatment is. Saying that thought, i was happy with what i did write and i think i managed to capture (in the sucidal robot one) the mood of the whole story/ ?treatment?

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