Tuesday, 9 February 2010

On The Way Home

>>True Stories - The Bridge<<

(watch the second clip) (d'no if its on you tube!)

I watched this film/t.v program/Documentary a while ago, but thought about it whilst walking home from uni today.

We got the first brief in Applied Design and so i desided to walf home with will and jack to see what we could find to inspire us in this new brief. We went are own ways at Bramhall Park, but whilst there on a bridge with a stream underneath i thought how peaceful it was, people go to lakes/ rivers for fishing, to relax ect, but also its quite a sinister place. People dump things in rivers that they want no one else to know about, from memories to dead people!

From this Bridge which can be seen for miles and admired by everyone that goes to see it, they got a pretty moving project out of it.
were asked to look at things you might never look at till now and see if can lead to a project, but sometimes something as big as The Golden Gate bridge can have a moving story to it.

This is when i remembered to 'True Stories' Documentary, for the program, they filmed the golden gate bridge for, i don't know how long for, but they got loads of footage of people who jumped off, ending there lives.


On the subject of Buffalo Springfield (title 'on the way home' is one of there songs!) Oriana posted this video a while back, its the first thing i thought of when told "a day in the life of somehting"
So this video shows a day in the life of a bullet with an appropriate track 'For What it's Worth' by Buffalo Springfield...

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