Friday, 12 February 2010

New Way of Looking

This video shows us something that is invisible, by using iron shavings behind glass and putting a magnet on top of the glass we see the magnetic field.

It looks pretty cool and the movement of the iron shavings is really nice, even the shapes they make are impressive.

Its not as cool as the 'salt on sound' thing that ian showed us in his lecture because the salt was always changing, but maybe messing with the magnets, turning them ect might get sum funky pattens.

Here's another two, still the magnets are stationary though so not much happens :( but they make different pattens to the one before so :). But yer, moving the magnets might get sum different results.

Here is one where the iron shavings are in water, quite cool how they move...

By the way, these weren't done by me.

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