Wednesday, 10 February 2010


'Arc' is a third disc that came with a Neil Young live album 'Weld', I've heard some of it, but its hard to sit through the whole thing.

All the CD is, is 35 minuets of feedback from the amps used in one of his tours, whats nice about it is that its something that you would never really think of, you just hear. But when you hear about 15 minuets worth of the 'song?' you sort of appreciate it. I thought it was quite sinister when i heard it and the voices in the background make it quite scary too.

Its a weird bit of music, not too sure it needs to be 35 minuets long, but still, it evokes some emotion in you and also its something that you would never had thought to hear or wanted to hear.

There was no clip of it on you tube or a free listen to it on a website so the only way you can hear it, is if you have spotify, type in 'neil young' and scroll down to the year 1991, which is when it was made. or buy it! no don't.

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