Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I Hate This Advert (Metaphoric adverts)

Although i hate it, it still shows of the sort of metaphorical things we've been talking about. These chicken bites don't make you a wolf, but its the manliness/ masculinity of it which there selling.

Also, i have an advert in my head about an alarm system, and the advert uses people acting like monkeys communicating on top of there houses to scare a criminal away after he'd tried to break in to a house. Its not saying we're animals who shout on top of are houses but is just as effective, and will keep your house safe (wish i had a video, but i can't find one of the advert). Its like the hienas which were shown in uni, but using us as the metaphor and not the antagonist.

1 comment:

  1. I hate this advert as well.

    I also remember the other advert you talked about (the one with the people on roof tops and acting like monkeys) it is very similar to the one with the hienas which we were talking about in class.